• Riga inrenational coach terminal

    Riga inrenational coach terminal (LATVIA)

  • Nordeka

    Joint Stock Company Nordeka (LATVIA)

  • Kaliningrad

    Kaliningrad bus station (RUSSIA)

  • Malmo

    Malmö (SWEDEN)

  • Zob Hamburg

    ZOB Hamburg (GERMANY)

  • Kautra

    Kaunas bus station (LITHUANIA)

  • Minsk

    Minsk bus station (BELARUS)

  • Kaunas bus station

    JSC Tolimojo keleivinio transporto kompanija (LITHUANIA)

  • Moscow

    Association “Development of Coach Terminals of the Country” (RUSSIA)

  • Tallin

    Tallin bus station (ESTONIA)

  • Ljubljani

    Ljubljana International Coach terminal (SLOVENIA)

  • Daugavpils coach terminal

    Daugavpils coach terminal (LATVIA)

  • Zagreb

    Zagreb bus station (CROATIA)

  • Belgrad

    Belgrad bus station (SERBIA)


    1. Purpose and seat of the association

    The Association of Paneuropean Coach terminal e. V. (registered association), below called APC, has the task to examine all the touring bus traffic aspects European-wide and to offer relevant recommendations.

    The APC makes proposals for solutions, in order to promote the progress of this public service sector in the interest of all involved, in social, economic-technical and independent way.

    In the context of this purpose APC sets itself the following country-spread goals: 

    • increase public awareness of coach traffic in connection with promoting of tourism and encouraging of economic development,
    • set up of a central information system for coach-traffic,
    • influencing security and casement of traffic carry-out by 
      speeding-up border crossing,
    • removal and construction of new coach service areas,
    • creation of homogenous traffic management systems for coaches,
    • harmonisation of service standards at coach terminals, 
      e) central management of statistical data concerning to coach traffic,
    • co-operation with public authorities (especially covered traffic),
    • extension and utilisation of the central information system as a central booking- and reservation-system.

    The APC emphasises the interests of its members in relation to other organisations and authorities. 

    In order to achieve their goals, the APC:

    • organises regular conferences, working groups and meetings over ranges of topics, which are from 
      importance for coach travel,
    • presents studies, reports and articles over results of the determinations regarding certain ranges of topics, which reflect experiences and opinions in different countries, or other coach travel data,
    • participates in international projects as well as in the political and technical discussions around the mobility. 

    The registered seat of the APC is in Berlin. The president and the vice-president can decide to create further regional offices at other locations. 

    2. Membership

    Members of the federation can become natural and legal entities as well as person combinations, who operate a coach terminal.

    Members of the association can beyond that become persons and combinations, whose membership suggests a promotion of the federation purposes due to the knowledge, experiences, influences or other meaning, which possess these persons or combinations in particular in the area of coach travel. 

    The registration for the admission is to be addressed to the presidency, which decides on the admission. 

    The membership ends: 

    • by death and/or with legal entities and person combinations by expiring,
    • by withdrawal, which can be explained only as the calendar year end under adherence to one period by three months in writing in relation to the presidency, 
    • by formal excluding, which can take place only via resolution of the meeting of the members,
    • by excluding, which can take place via resolution of the presidency, if without reason for at least six months the contributions were not paid.