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    EU online workshop on the evaluation of Regulation 181/2011

    On December 1, 2020 EU online workshop on the evaluation of Regulation 181/2011 (rights of passengers in bus and coach transport) took place.

    The Association of Paneuropean Coach terminal e. V. (APC) membersRiga International Coach Terminal, Latvia and Tallinn Coach Terminal (also represented the operator Lux Express Estonia), Estonia participated in the workshop.

    The objective of this workshop was to foster a discussion between passenger and PRMs representatives, operational stakeholders and authorities on some key themes related to the implementation or enforcement of Regulation 181/2011. It was also an objective of the workshop to highlight good practices or potential areas for solutions where they exist.

    The following participants were invited:

    • Representatives of passengers and PRMs;
    • Representatives of bus and coach operators;
    • Representatives of bus and coach terminals; and
    • Representatives of NEBs.