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    BUS2BUS Trade Show and Congress 2019

    Once again industry experts could meet in Berlin from 19 to 21 March 2019 to discuss the opportunities, challenges and trends in the mobility sector.

    Organizers have created a future meeting place for the bus industry in line with slogan “Bus Meets New Business in Berlin” with three events under one roof – Trade show, Future Forum and a Congress that is hosted by partners at the German Bus and Coach Operators Association (bdo), BUS2BUS offers a wide range of information, innovation and network opportunities.

    Within the measure of BUS2BUS also gathered members and partners from the The Association of Paneuropean Coach terminal e. V. (APC) as well – APC President Stefan Christian, APC General secretary, Chairperson of the Board Riga International Coach Terminal Vaira Gromule and APC members from Estonia – Turnit CEO Andres Osula and from Germany – Zentral-Omnibus-Bahnhof Berlin” director Nadine Gottschalk.

    PHOTO: APC President Stefan Christian, Turnit CEO Andres Osula, Zentral-Omnibus-Bahnhof Berlin” director Nadine Gottschalk and APC General secretary, Chairperson of the Board Riga International Coach Terminal Vaira Gromule

    On the Future Forum, March 20, 2019 in Block II: International Best Practice, section “Move Digital: How Digital Services and Solutions Impact the Bus & Coach Market” as a speaker performed Andres Osula, CEO, Turnit. In this block visitors could hear from a transport data aggregator, an operator and a ticketing system provider about the challenges and opportunities of digital markets. An exciting exchange between European and Middle East players.

    APC General secretary, Chairperson of the Board Riga International Coach Terminal Vaira Gromule attended The International Road Transport Union (IRU) CTP meeting dedicated to EU affairs which take place on 18 March 2019 from.  The following topics were discussed on the meeting:

    • Update on Eurovignette decision-making and strategy proposal;
    • Update on introduction of Smart Tachographs and strategy proposal (+ update: IRU letter to DG MOVE);
    • Incentives for the uptake of cleaner and safer fleets and action plan proposal;
    • Preparation of IRU Manifesto for future Commission and European Parliament.

    Photos from BUS2BUS Trade Show and Congress 2019:

    IMG 0587 1
    IMG 0588 2
    IMG 0589 3
    IMG 0590 4
    IMG 0591 5
    IMG 0592 6
    IMG 0593 6
    IMG 0594 7
    IMG 0595 8
    IMG 0597 9
    IMG 0601 13
    IMG 0602 11

    APC 15th anniversary!

    Dear Members of The Association of Paneuropean Coach terminals e. V. (APC)!

    Save the dates for celebration of the APC 15th anniversary!

    When: from 3rd to 5th of September, 2018

    Where:  Riga, Latvia

    What: APC Presidency meeting,

    • Retro bus parade and “Anniversary trip”,
    • Opening of the Book about RICT history,
    • Members meeting and Workshop,

    wonderful and unique 15th Anniversary Celebration Evening at the top of the greatest cultural building of the 21st century in Latvia “Castle of Light” or the National Library of Latvia (for more information: https://www.lnb.lv/).

    International Guidelines for Bus and Coach Station design and operation

    The IRU International Commission on Technical Affairs (CIT) has developed International Guidelines for Bus and Coach Station design and operation which have a significant and disproportionate impact upon bus and coach station operation and throughput of vehicles and passengers.

    It also includes examples of safe practices throughout the road transport sector.

    The Guidelines are primarily based on UK Guidance for the safe design and operation of Bus Stations and Interchanges which was completed in 2011 and updated in 2013.

    The aim of these guidelines is to enable key stakeholders involved in the road transport of passengers to understand the safety and operational risks involved in operating and using bus and coach stations. When transport stakeholders implement the Guidelines from the outset, these will influence sustainable improvements in bus and coach station design, operation and road safety standards.

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